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Tianjin Xibei Zhonghe Prestressed Engineering CO.,LTD, founded in 2000, is a high-tech enterprise. The company has three prestressed engineering contractor qualification. Now we are the engineering construction standardization association storage structures committee members, China's steel structure association prestressed branch member. And Tianjin Municipal Association.

Our company mainly engaged in design and construction of prestress engineering and steel structure engineering; development, transfer, consulting and services of high efficient prestressed technology. With the current domestic advanced building construction equipment and an experienced, well-trained professional construction team. And high, middle and junior technical staff and management personnel.

 In addition We have hired national registered structural engineer who have engaged in prestressed engineering design and construction for many years as the chief engineer, and be overall responsibility for the company's engineering design, technology development and consulting work.

Now we are Able to undertake industrial and civil construction, transport and municipal facilities and other types of special construction prestressed structures.Including bonded, unbonded gentle bonding: pre-tensioned and post-tensioned.  Such as large-span prestressed frame beam, slab prestressed projects of high-rise building; Various types of prestressed bridges, roof trusses, beams thin belly and other types of prestressed buildings, structures and special structures prestressed works.

The projects we have undertaken spread all over 13 provinces and autonomous regions, at a total number of 55 regions. Get to know many friends of the community, and establish a long-term relationship with them.

Besides, we also exchange information with MUDAJAYA, Malaysia UEM Construction Group, BBR Malaysia branch, BBR Singapore Branch, China Harbour Engineering Company and other International counterparts. For we have examined the second cross-sea bridge Penang, Malaysia. In order to contribute to the vigorous development of prestressing force.

The “Silo large tonnage prestressed tension jack construction technology” we  developed  has be granted patent by the PRC State Intellectual Property Office as a patent (Patent No.: ZL 2009 1 0304447.7).

Tianjin Xibei Prestressed Technology Development CO., LTD is based in Tianjin, facing the direction of development of the country, dedicated service for more users want to get your trust and support. We are willing to cooperate with all counterparts, making prestressed career to get healthy and orderly development.


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